Meet the cost-saving solution for rooftop power delivery.

Powering rooftop equipment is not a simple task. Installing service disconnects and GFI power receptacles is required for compliance, yet the installation process involves multiple rooftop penetrations, which increases the risk of leaks, damages, construction delays, and unexpected costs.

Our team of engineers and designers stepped back to take a look at this challenge and knew that there had to be a better way forward. After meeting with architects, design engineers, and contractors, our team developed a technological solution designed to maximize compliance, efficiency, reliability, and cost savings.

The result is the Rooftop Power Drop—the new standard for secure and efficient power delivery.

Features and Benefits


White powder coated NEMA 4 enclosures reduce corrosion and minimize effects of heat buildup during high temperature exposure

Commmunication Connections

The enclosure houses ethernet cable, coaxial cable, and 18/5 brown solid thermostat wire. This consolidated housing reduces the need for additional penetrations for communication lines

Power Feed

Select a GFCI circuit breaker with a standard receptacle (where codes require) or a weather protected receptacle more

Mounting System

Our patent pending mounting cleat is engineered to apply pressure from both the top and lower layers of the roofing material—minimizing penetrations and leaks while providing a secure fit

Disconnect Switches

MCCBs (Molded Case Circuit Breakers) and MSPs (Motor Starter Protectors) provide a better degree of protection for the equipment and circuits

Exceeding Standards

Manufactured in our UL508A panel shop to ensure all NEC and UL requirements are met and all welding complies with AWS Section D (Structural Welding Code—Steel) 1.1 & 1.3

Smart design. Ultimate protection.

Rethink power delivery.

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